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In 1995, Jannes de Swardt left the comfort of Koeberg Nuclear Power Station (Eskom) to pursue his interest in water. The combination of his electro mechanical engineering background and love for nature led him straight to the irrigation market . In this welcoming market he founded AQUANET Irrigation in which he could apply his engineering skills to economically solve the challenges of every day irrigation . Today he is one of only a handful of Irrigation Design Engineers who is accepted and backed by the South African Irrigation Institute.

The company began with designing irrigation systems for farmers and installing pump and filter systems. lt soon grew to reckonable force in the irrigation business which cover the whole spectrum of services. Design , supply and Installation.

Today, AQUANET Irrigation finds success in providing innovative water solutions to a diverse clientele. Our approach to excellence in solving irrigation challenges has earned us a reputation for pioneering innovations within the irrigation industry. We provide our clients with a competitive advantage by applying state-of-the-art technologies to our designs.

The worth of AQUANET Irrigation is not only measured in our contribution to satisfied customers; it is also measured by our contribution to feeding the nation. Our founder was raised on a farm and developed a deep respect for the land at an early age. This respect can be felt today through the innovative water solutions that we apply to each and every project. We’re not only an asset to your team; we’re an asset to the environment, too.

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What we do

Agricultural Irrigation Design

With our state of the art GPS systems and special computer software , we will help you plan , design and install any Drip -, Micro...

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Golf Course Irrigation Design

Every Golf Course Superintend will agree that the quality of the greens has an effect on their stress level. Efficient irrigation design thus...

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Fertigation & Ozone Systems

Fertigation is the application of fertilizers, soil amendments, or other water soluble products through an irrigation system...

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VSD & Radio Control

Variable Speed Drives make it possible to run a pump at an optimal speed to create a preset pressure at maximum efficiency...

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Sewer Water Treatment & Re-use

Treated wastewater from off-site treatment plants can be reused for irrigation of parks and gardens, agriculture and horticulture...

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Water Filter & Purification Systems

In response to consumer demand for improved drinking water quality and general purpose water treatment...

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