Agricultural Irrigation Design

Aquanet Irrigation is there to serve all the farmers irrigation needs.

We are design members of the South African Irrigation Institute - therefore we guarantee you the highest design norms possible and the highest quality that is available on the market.

With our state of the art GPS systems and special computer software , we will help you plan , design and install any:

  • Drip Irrigation (
  • Micro Irrigation
  • Impact Sprinkler Irrigation
  • Centre Pivot Irrigation (
  • Filter Systems
  • Pump Systems
  • Pipelines
  • Solar Systems

We will help determine your run-off, dam capacity , irrigation requirement , pump capacity and energy / electrical expense etc. to create a justifiable budget plan…

You will be supplied with:

  • An to-scale topographical layout plan of the system
  • A detailed technical design
  • Report of peak design requirements
  • Technical data and literature of materials

Additional services:

  • Full range of connectors and piping at our shop
  • Radio - & Cell Phone Control
  • Fertigation Systems
  • Soil Moisture Probes
  • 24Hr Standby
  • Electrical Maintenance on Starters & Electrical Motors
  • Mechanical Maintenance on Pumps & Valves
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How technology has
changed farming in the Karoo

  • Aquanet Irrigation can provide engineering design services of the highest quality:
  • Full design and supply experience with a wide variety of irrigation , distribution of water for development housing, pumping and filtration systems including golf courses, bore holes , green houses , fertigation , centre pivots and sewer water re-use projects.
  • A mechanical design project history for a wide variety of pump stations , water furrow , flood water, concrete and plastic dams
  • A practice of designing systems that are cost effective to construct and to maintain
  • Innovative and practical solutions and experience with design, construction observation, operation, scheduling, maintenance, and programming of systems
  • Preparation of all construction documents on CAD, utilizing specialized design software