VSD - & Radio Control Systems

Variable Speed Drives (VSD) make it possible to run a pump at an optimal speed to create a preset pressure at maximum efficiency thus saving energy costs.

Download: Variable Speed Drive - Saving Electricity


  • Maintain constant preset pressures during at high or low flow
  • Easy setup for flow control at boreholes
  • No or very low water hammer
  • Energy saving
  • Built in dry run protection, overload protection and phase protection
  • One VSD can start multiple ( identical ) pumps

Radio Control makes it possible to control an irrigation and ferigation system of any size from your office computer


  • Immediate warning of fault
  • Easy Control and management of Watering times
  • No wires burnt during lighting storm
  • Excellent history

  • Aquanet Irrigation can provide engineering design services of the highest quality:
  • Full design and supply experience with a wide variety of irrigation , distribution of water for development housing, pumping and filtration systems including golf courses, bore holes , green houses , fertigation , centre pivots and sewer water re-use projects.
  • A mechanical design project history for a wide variety of pump stations , water furrow , flood water, concrete and plastic dams
  • A practice of designing systems that are cost effective to construct and to maintain
  • Innovative and practical solutions and experience with design, construction observation, operation, scheduling, maintenance, and programming of systems
  • Preparation of all construction documents on CAD, utilizing specialized design software